Established in 2019, Mura Gadi is the University of Canberra’s own gallery, dedicated to showcasing the treasures of the University and the Canberra community.

Mura Gadi honours the original custodians of the land on which the gallery sits, the Ngunnawal people, by utilising their language in the name. Mura meaning pathways, and Gadi meaning searching. All art is searching for a path to something, whether a path to an emotional response, a path to distribute a message, or even a path to success.

Mura Gadi overlooks the stunning Ngaladjima, also known as the Ngunnawal Plant Use Education Space, a garden dedicated to showcasing native plants commonly used by the Ngunnawal people.

For more information on the gallery, including information on utilising the space for exhibits, please contact Christian West at the University of Canberra Library via the Contact Us page

View from Mura Gadi Gallery looking out onto the garden